Toba Nauli
Photo Contest & Exhibition 2017

Toba Nauli Photo Contest and Exhibition 2017, one of the biggest photography event to appreciate all beautiful elements of Lake Toba through photographic work. This event is held by H3 Community, BPOPDT, & officialy released by Ministry of Tourism. Toba Nauli will be a step to represent the high value of Lake Toba as the world tourism destination.

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Open Contest & Free Registration

Toba Nauli raised the essence of natural beauty and exoticism photo of Lake Toba as a representation to the public eyes. Toba Nauli open up an opportunities for all photographers ranging from beginner or advanced to present their very best photos of Lake Toba in Toba Nauli Photo Contest & Exhibition.

Open for Two Participant Categories
General Category

a minimum age is 18 years old and from all walks of life, both nationally and internationally

Student Category

only allowed from Indonesia, can complete the requirement by submit a photocopy of student card or letter from the school. (elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, or even)

Photo Categories
  • Landscape


    Photo that presents an amazing view of Lake Toba’s landscape.



    Photo by displaying the faces of the indigenous peoples in the region of Lake Toba.

  • Social Life

    Social Life

    Photo of Lake Toba people’s daily social activities such as farming, fishing, interaction, and other social activities.

  • Culture & Heritage

    Culture & Heritage

    Photo that showing art, culture, and tradition in the region of Lake Toba as traditional dances, ceremonies, traditional houses, and other genuine features.

Participant Terms

  • Participants for General Category, a minimum age is 18 years old and from all walks of life, both nationally and internationally.
  • Participants for Student Category are only allowed from Indonesia, can complete the requirement by submit a photocopy of student card or letter from the school. (elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, or even)

Photo Requirement

  • Photos are limited up to three photos for each participant.
  • Photos in digital format maximum size of 500px for the longest side.
  • Original photos with complete EXIF data.
  • Allowed to process or retouch photos.

Photo Selection

  • Rated by looks of beauty and aesthetic images.
  • Photos will be selected by pre-selection curator on the pre-selection session for deciding the chosen finalists.
  • Photos of the finalists will be judged by the main curator.
  • Selected photos will be used as media promotion of Lake Toba tourism with a written agreement.
  • Photos that are not selected will be deleted and all the organizers do not have rights to use the photo in any situation.

Make sure you have read the complete rules of TOBA NAULI Photo Contest before submitting your photos

Top 5 Finalists will get the TOBA NAULI Photo Contest and Exhibition 2017 Medal.

Top 5 Finalists will get special invitation of TOBA NAULI event in Jakarta, including transportation and accommodation facilities.

All of 80 finalist will get certificate of TOBA NAULI and Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.

Photo by finalists will included to the series of TOBA NAULI Photo Contest and Exhibition in Museum Mandiri, Jakarta.

Meet the Curator Spotlight

Main Curator

Ricky Siegers

Born in Indonesia, Ricky Siegers expand his career as a professional photographer in last 8 years. Ricky Siegers has been familiar in the world of photography for the international level. Staying in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ricky have determining his career with a specialist in street photography, which contains about human, social life, and cultural wisdom. Most of his work has been published in various magazines and international exhibitions.

Nicolas Marino

A professional photographer who comes from Argentina. Nicolas Marino lives his life as a photographer and had been explored 86 countries till present. Nicolas Marino was very interested in nature and local wisdom, and prefer to traveling by his bicycle. For him, human life and nature have a great relations. Nicolas felt human life, especially that apart from the public eyes, has a high value of life. The relationship between nature, human, and life are the element which affecting the great works of Nicolas Marino.

Aryono Huboyo Djati

Familiar for called as AHD, Aryono Huboyo Djati is a famous photographer figure in Indonesia. Born in Jakarta in 1963, AHD is also a pianist and songwriter of the legendary song “Burung Camar”, winner of Kawakami Award 1985 in Japan. AHD choose the human interest as his character of photographic works. In 2004, one of the AHD photos entitled “Janda Anak Satu”fetched 700 million rupiah in an auction held at his solo exhibition, the most expensive price for a photo in Indonesia. “Taking picture with your heart will produce a perfect image”, that’s the inspirational quote from AHD.

Curator - Aryono Huboyo Djati

Pre-Selection Curator



July 27-30, 2017


Jakarta, Indonesia

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